10 Years i2DOTNET Anniversary

10 Years i2DOTNET
10 Years i2DOTNET

i2DOTNET was registered on July 17, 2008; Ten years ago today. We have a lot of excitement at that time for the first time we create i2DOTNET brand and we still keep it until right now.

What makes i2DOTNET remains, we have many loyal customer and we treat them as our family. Some one of them are our closest friend and others are come from our friend by mouth. They trust us for their presence on internet.

We confident in this year we will expand more business type and improve our services. We believe no complaint from our customer is the best way to expand our business.

Happy Birthday i2DOTNET, Aw Snap!

a Big Thank you for all i2DOTNET customer, enjoy our promo parade and keep read our blogs.

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